May 2018 Functional Forum: Evolution of Health Insurance

May 2018 Functional Forum: Evolution of Health Insurance

Recently, the Evolution of Medicine announced our most ambitious project to date: the creation of the first non-faith-based health cost sharing cooperative.

Leaning on the model of the historically effective Christian Health Cost Sharing Ministries; this opportunity will allow our community to build a transformational mechanism for health creation by combining the right care and the right incentives, built on a platform that facilitates a new era of transparency and accountability.

In this month’s episode, we’ll go deeper into both the Evolution of Health Insurance and our vision for the cooperative through select interviews and media, including:

• A feature segment from the upcoming documentary series: The Human Longevity Project, where we will learn from various experts on how community, health and purpose facilitate longevity in key places across the globe, an ancient form of “health assurance”

• An special interview with Dr. Rangan Chatterjee, host of the UK Functional Forum and BBC One’s Doctor in the House, about why building the future of health insurance on a model that facilitates the “Disappearance of Disease” is a necessary evolution.

• And a special interview with Martin Stellnberger, who shares how his experience working in health insurance lead to his discovery of peverse incentives, and sparked his new venture of building effective solutions with blockchain technology. Martin will share with us why the future of health insurance needs to incentivize health, incentivize participation and incentivize community.


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