Communication Breakdown in Healthcare

Communication Breakdown in Healthcare

Research and regulatory bodies have long confirmed that poor communication in healthcare is harmful at best and deadly at worst.

In the past decade, the healthcare community has turned to safety tools and checklists to reduce unintentional slips and errors. And yet, a new study called The Silent Treatment reveals that despite the safety interventions taken in the last decade, silence still kills. Safety tools do not compensate for crucial conversations failures in the hospital.

This video is a dramatization of a true story from the study.

Despite interventions made in the last decade to reduce avoidable medical errors caused by poor communication a new study of 6500 nurses found that…silence still kills.

One nurse shares her true story.

“I was on a surgical team when I noticed a doctor making a critical error. He was preparing to operate on the wrong side of the patient. Now, we have a surgical safety checklist that we follow and in this case, we noticed that the permit didn’t match what the doctor was doing. So, we tried to stop the surgeon but he said the permit was wrong even though it had been verified by the wow sleeping patient. We couldn’t even get support from the supervisor or the anesthesiologist. So, in the end, the surgery went forward. As nurses, we felt awful because there was no support from management to stop this doctor. I mean what’s the point in having a checklist when it’s not even followed? We felt absolutely powerless to be an advocate for this patient.”

Make candor a core competency in your hospital


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