Homemade Grated Ginger Tea – Amazing Health Benefits

Homemade Grated Ginger Tea – Amazing Health Benefits

Today I’ll be making homemade fresh ginger tea. Ginger tea is a alkalizing and anti-inflammatory beverage. You can have it anytime if you’re under the weather or just wanting to have a fresh delicious drink!

I’ll be sharing with you the amazing health benefits of ginger tea and how simple it is to make with different methods so you can enjoy!

The history of ginger goes back over 5000 years with China. Its considered a tonic root for all health issues. Ginger first appeared in China and spread to India. It has a long history of being cultivated in other countries. At an early date in the 1st century, it was exported to Rome from India. So, ginger is a warming spice and is in the same family as turmeric. The benefits of ginger tea involve:

-a great anti-oxidant
-reduces inflammation
-fights infection and bad breath
-clears the sinuses
-relieves nausea
-helps against morning sickness
-Improves blood circulation and your digestive system
-It also helps your blood sugar levels be stabilized. When your blood sugar levels are up and down it will lead to cravings. Ginger does tend to help you feel full. Studies have been ongoing for awhile now and tested on rats. After 30 days, obese rats lost a lot of weight and also improved levels of good cholesterol in the rats blood.

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